The association e-child aims to share and improve knowledge of the impact of digital uses on parent-child relationships and child’s socio-emotional development. While having a look at child and adolescent development as well as adults’ online interactions, its activity focuses more specifically on the perinatal period and toddlers, with a particular sensitivity to the theory of attachment.

            Its president and co-founder, Marie Danet, mum of two, has been aware of the digital uses for a few years. She holds a Ph.D entitled “Spheres of influence of attachment schema on the Internet and in everyday life”. She is Associate Professor at University of Lille. She has been working for 7 years on the links between attachment and digital uses, both on their positive and negative aspects, and has presented her research in several international congresses. Over the past two years, she has focused on the impact of digital use on access to parenting, parent-child relationships and child development. She has published articles and chapter on this topic.